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Case studies and results of eating disorder counselling in Leeds



"I completed five sessions with Lex knowing that I was in a much better place mentally, yet wondering what she did that helped me so much. Looking back I realised that I was made to feel at ease so quickly that it felt it was as if I was talking to a friend who was allowing me to organise my thoughts and feelings to mentally move forward with my life . Lex is personable, caring and was genuinley concerned with helping me. I can not speak highly enough of Lex and the help she has given me" Andy, Alwoodley

"Without Alexia I do not know where I would be now. I was reluctant to seek help. With Alexia I finally managed to share the troubles I was going through. She understood me, did not judge me and my confidence has increased so much having met her. " Anon, East Keswick

"I have been struggling with emotional eating for most of my life. Some of the sessions with Lex are at times challenging although I feel that my relationship with food is better than it has been in a long time. I know that there is a long way to go but I know there is hope whilst I continue to work with Lex." Anon, Garforth


Empowering Families Workshops

"The most useful part of the workshops was gaining knowledge and confidence to support my EDI. I've put into practice techniques such as MI, and used the readiness rulers and behaviour experiment to great effect. Learning to accept that I can't get it right all the time and to be a 'good enough' carer has helped tremendously. Also meeting the other carers have been very useful." Carer, Harrogate

"Learning new techniques to use was very helpful. Sharing experiences, learning more about myself. Giving me a tool kit to take away and use and share with other family members. My daughter loved the 'Bus Metaphor'." Carer, Leeds

"The workshops have given me confidence in what I am doing. Prior to attending all the advice I had seen was very negative: don't do this, say that etc... This course has provided me with positive suggestions about things to try. It has also given me a more realistic view of the future. But with hope that in time things will improve. I have learnt to look after myself better and learnt the importance of this. All the metaphors have proved surprisingly helpful." Carer, Leeds

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