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Empowering Families Counselling Workshops in Leeds

Empowering Families Workshops

Beat champions the role of the Carer in the recovery of an individual with an eating disorder. I have been co-facilitating the Yorkshire Centre For Eating Disorders Carer's Support group for five years now.During this time I have become very involved in the Empowering Families Project. For more information on this support group please visit their website.

The Maudsley Hospital in London, leading research and in-patient treatment centre, runs workshops for carers of those using their services. These workshops were developed in consideration of the latest findings on eating disorders and are based on clinically proven techniques. Beat identified a need for The Maudsley Method to be made more accessible to a wider public; thus began the Empowering Families Project. Professor Janet Treasure's book: "Skills-based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Method" provided the basis for the workshops' manual.

The purpose of the Empowering Families Workshops is to arm carers with knowledge of how to better understand and communicate with their loved one. Carers learn more about what is happening to their family member and are educated in ways to be able to identify and to deal with what impact this may be having on life at home for the wider family members. Attendees are encouraged to practise these skills in the safety of the sessions with other course participants and facilitators.

Myself and a colleague have so far run two very successful courses of the Empowering Families Workshops in Leeds (please see Testimonials). We hope to run these again in Autumn 2015. Please contact me for further information.

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